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November 6, 2006 | Filed in: News

Classes to enrich your heart and mind. AJR is offering an adult mid-winter adult education program. It is open to students of all backgrounds with special attention to Jewish Educators and Lay Leaders. All course sessions will taught by AJR faculty and/or alumni.

Textploration: Creative Approaches to Studying and Teaching Biblical Texts
There are endless ways to study a biblical text. Every time we come to the text in a new way, the Torah opens up to us with a freshness that is exciting and spiritually enriching. In this class we will choose familiar biblical texts and explore them through creative approaches of interpretation, including art, music, and drama.

Personal Religious Journeys in a Family Oriented Tradition: Negotiating Religious Differences with Those We Love
Every family is comprised of unique individuals with different personalities, beliefs, and lifestyles. When family members subscribe to different religious traditions we call the family ‘intermarried.’ But, profound religious differences can exist even among members of the same religion. Sometimes children are drawn to different approaches to Judaism than their parents, or as adults shift in their own Jewish understanding in different directions than their immediate families. These situations can lead to intense conflict, or, to creative openness and growth. In this class we will study the pluralistic concepts at the core of these discussions, and the strategies and tools to be used in addressing these concerns, which can be painful but are full of opportunity.

3 Wednesdays
January 3, 10, 17
7:30-9:30 p.m.
$100 for either series

To register and for more information contact:
Rabbi Aryeh Meir at 718-543-9360, ext. 14 or by email at [email protected].

Registration deadline:
December 20, 2006, registration received after that date will be charged an additional $20.

Canceled classes:

Classes may be canceled if there is insufficient registration. A full refund will be granted.

Tuition must be paid in full prior to the first class. Tuition may be paid by cash, check, MasterCard or Visa.