AJR in Detroit ‘ Thanks to Rabbi Dorit Edut

June 6, 2007 | Filed in: News

Rabbi David Greenstein, Rosh HaYeshivah of The Academy for Jewish Religion, visited the Detroit Jewish community on May 30-31 for a whirlwind series of talks, meetings and celebration. Thanks to the initiative and dedication of Rabbi Dorit Edut (AJR ’06), Rabbi Greenstein was invited to deliver the keynote address at the graduation ceremonies of the Florence Melton Adult Mini-School of Detroit. With 140 adults graduating, and with hundreds of family members and well-wishers, this was the largest single Melton program graduation ceremony in North America this year. The program flourishes under the dedicated directorship of Ms. Judy Loebl.

In addition, Rabbi Greenstein taught a Lunch-and-Learn session for Melton faculty members on the subject of ‘Difficult Texts.’ He also conducted a study session for the Michigan Board of Rabbis based on his essay on the acceptance of homosexuals in the Jewish community (published in the AJR Academic Journal this year).

These study sessions and talks were accompanied by meetings with some of the prominent members of the Detroit Jewish community. There is growing interest in the pluralistic approach of AJR, and efforts are now under way to establish a Detroit Chapter of Friends of AJR. In this way AJR can become a valued part of the Detroit Jewish experience, meriting its support as it continues to offer the unique riches of AJR Torah study, spiritual guidance and musical inspiration.

All of this came about because Rabbi Dorit Edut, a beloved teacher in the Melton program, rabbi of a congregation and member of the Detroit Jewish community, conceived of the idea of connecting the various aspects of her involvements in the community in order to introduce AJR to that area and gain greater visibility for it. Everyone benefited from this wonderful series of meetings. Dorit is happy to talk with anyone about what may be learned from her efforts to be applied elsewhere. She would also welcome partners in the Midwest area who are interested in working together to strengthen the AJR presence in that region.

Dorit’s example can be an inspiration to others in creating opportunities so that AJR can become appreciated as a wonderful communal resource that brings its vision of Klal Yisrael to the greater community.

Yasher koach! Rav Todot!