Rivka Haut Publishes Book

September 5, 2007 | Filed in: News

Rivka Haut, beloved AJR faculty member, has co-edited a new book ‘ Shaarei Simchah: Traditional Prayers, Songs and Modern Inclusive Rituals ‘ with Adena Berkowitz, who has also been a valued teacher at AJR. It is published by Ktav Publishing Co., which heralds the book with these words: FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THE MODERN ERA, A NEW LITURGICAL WORK WRITTEN BY WOMEN FOR THE TRADITIONAL AND GENERAL JEWISH COMMUNITY. It includes many traditional and new prayers and instructions that both fulfill halakhic requirements and, at the same time, are fully and creatively supportive of active participation by women. For more information, please go to ‘ Ktav’s website

We wish Rivka and Adena Mazal Tov on this wonderful work. May it enrich the community as a resource and inspiration.