Staying Connected Shiur

January 22, 2008 | Filed in: News

AJR Alumni are invited to join us on Tuesday morning, February 5th, 2008 at 11 a.m., in person or on the phone, for a STAYING CONNECTED session with Hazzan Ram’n Tasat.

This session entitled Piyutim: Music and Poetry will provide a wonderful introduction to Hazzan Tasat and his gifts.

Please be sure to let us know of your participation, whether on the phone or in person. Call-in instructions will be provided a few days prior to the session.

Please use the links below to read the session material.

And . . . Mark your calendars: You will have an additional opportunity to hear Hazzan Tasat in concert on Wednesday, May 21st when he presents Libi Ba’Mizrach: A Journey of the Heart as part of our Ordination celebrations.

Adon Olam

Adon HaSelihot

Deror Ykera

El Adon

Ki Hine kaHomer

Lekha Dodi