Women’s Torah Commentary Published

February 24, 2008 | Filed in: News

AJR is proud to announce that Dr. Ora Horn Prouser, AJR Executive Vice President and Dean, Rabbi Jill Hammer, AJR Director of Spiritual Education, Rabbi Malka Drucker and Rabbi Judith Hauptman, AJR alumnae, and Dr. Diane Sharon and Rabbi Ruth Gais, AJR faculty members, are featured contributors to The Torah: A Women’s Commentary, recently published by Women of Reform Judaism. The Commentary includes traditional, contemporary, critical, and specifically women’s perspectives on the Torah. Commentaries on each parashah range from serious text study, to creative interpretation. While there have been various commentaries published in recent years that address women in the Bible, and women’s perspectives, this is the most inclusive text and commentary to date. AJR is proud to have contributed to this groundbreaking work.