Hazzan Tasat Celebrates New Congregation

July 14, 2008 | Filed in: News

Hazzan Ram’n Tasat, Director of Cantorial Studies at AJR, celebrated the opening of his new congregation, Shirat HaNefesh (Song of the Soul), an emerging Jewish congregation in southern Montgomery County, MD, on the Shabbat of July 4-5, 2008 Hazzan Tasat shares spiritual leadership of the community with Rabbi Gerry Serotta. Shirat HaNefesh is an unaffiliated community that draws from all Jewish traditions and denominations. “We are very excited that Rabbi Serotta and Cantor Tasat have agreed to lead our new community and bring their energy, imagination and inspiration to Shirat HaNefesh,” says steering committee member Heidi Coleman. “Rabbi Serotta’s learning and focus on social action plus Cantor Tasat’s skills as an operatic tenor and teacher of liturgical music will help make Shirat HaNefesh a home for those seeking a joyous expression of their faith.”