AJR to Ordain a Rabba

April 29, 2011 | Filed in: News

We at AJR are proud of our recent coverage about our decision to allow our students to choose the title Rabba and what it says about our institution as a cutting edge post denominational school that speaks to all Jews. We see this decision as one that speaks to our respect for the development of the Hebrew language, our understanding of the many contributions that women bring to the rabbinate, and our belief in diversity. We understand that the decision to choose to be called Rav or Rabba is one that takes intense struggle. There are those for whom it is a feminist statement to use the title Rabba, and there are those for whom it is a feminist statement not to use the title Rabba. We are especially proud of our graduates and the thought they put into issues like this one.

Articles have appeared in The Jewish Week, and the story has been covered by JTA. Please see the links below.