Don’t miss the press coverage of AJR’s conference on Patrilineal Descent

April 14, 2012 | Filed in: News

Patrilineal Descent is an issue that raises strong emotions in many Jewish circles. Dr. Ora Horn Prouser, AJR Executive Vice President and Academic Dean, wrote an opinion piece on the topic that was published in the New York The Jewish Week.

This article about the issue of Patrilineal Descent features AJR student Rachel Brook, AJR faculty member Lenny Levin, and the AJR conference on Patrilineality and Pluralism. To read the full article, click here.

Most of the sessions from the first day of AJR’s intensive on Patrilineal Descent in a Pluralistic Community can be found here: The sources that Rabbi Len Levin discussed can be found in numerous posts here, and those discussed by Rabbi Ethan Tucker can be found here.