Recent books by AJR faculty

April 12, 2012 | Filed in: News

Consider Esau as a misunderstood kid with ADHD, instead of Jacob s less-worthy twin. Review Samson s behavior through the lens of a conduct disorder. Think about Jonah as an icon of depression. In her new book, Esau s Blessing: How the Bible Embraces those with Special Needs, Dr. Ora Horn Prouser rereads nine biblical figures through the lens of special-needs education. Click here to read a full review of the book in the New Jersey Jewish News.

How many biblical women can you think of? Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel, and ¦? The truth is, many women are mentioned in the bible, though most aren’t power players with stories of their own like Moses or King David. Many aren’t even named. But Rabbi Jill Hammer, Director of Spiritual Education at AJR, and Shir Yaakov Feit, in the new book The Omer Calendar of Biblical Women, use the 7-week structure of the Omer to introduce us to 49 different women, all of them portrayed–or alluded to–in the TaNaKh. Some are well-known, such as Miriam. Others are more obscure, such as Serah, the immortal granddaughter of Joseph. Hammer and Feit have linked each woman’s story to the particular kabbalistic sefirah that goes with each day of the Omer count, highlighting qualities such as compassion or strength or fortitude. Regardless, the Omer Calendar is full of insights, inspiration, and great stories–a book of biblical women whose usefulness transcends the 49 days of the Omer.