Volume 2, Number 1, May 2006

The Journal of The Academy for Jewish Religion


Our second issue of the Journal is a wellspring of information and knowledge containing articles that challenge us to think deeply and lift us to new heights of learning by presenting us with new insights into our study of Torah and Y’hadut.

Richard Claman teaches us about legal value concepts from Talmud Bavli; Peggy de Prophetis introduces us to Art in Midrash as it relates to Cain and Abel; Louis Kaplan expounds on the controversy surrounding Kol Nidrei; Peg Kershenbaum has crafted Psalm 145 (Ashrei) into an English acrostic; Isaac Mann takes us on a new path on how to read Pirkei Avot, Chapter I; Stephen Pearce presents a unique perspective on the meaning of Yizkor; and finally Martin Rozenberg reviews Joseph Prouser’s Vilna’s Ger Tzedek, Count Walenty Potcki and Paul Kushner reviews Joel Hoffman’s study of the history of the beginnings of the Hebrew language, all of which rounds out our current issue.

Bernard M. Zlotowitz

Editorial Board


Value Statements in “Legal” Contexts: Some Examples from the Bavli
Richard Claman
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Answering Eleven Objections to Kol Nidrei
Louis Kaplan
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Number Pattern in the First Chapter of Pirkei Avot
Isaac Mann
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A R T:

Art as Midrash: Cain and Abel, The Offerings
Peggy de Prophetis
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L I T U R G Y:

Psalm 145: A Psalm of David-Acrostic Poem in English
Peg Kershenbaum
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Katrina Prayer
Joseph H. Prouser
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S E R M O N:

Yom Kippur Yizkor Sermon: The Sting of Perishable Things
Stephen Pearce
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Joseph H. Prouser: Noble Soul: The Life and Legend of the Vilna Gaon Ger Tzedek, Count Walenty Potocki
Reviewed by Martin Rozenberg
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Joel M. Hoffman: In the Beginning: A Short History of the Hebrew Language
Reviewed by Paul Kushner
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