Rabbi Alan Kay

Rabbi Alan Abraham Kay began his journey to the rabbinate sitting at his zaida’s desk in Brownsville, Brooklyn. ‘I didn’t know I wanted to become a rabbi then, but I know now that my zaida’s stories, told between sips of sweetened tea, became the stories I wanted to tell; and that my zaida’s devotion to his congregation, shown by his study and prayer, became the devotion I wanted to offer a congregation. May his memory and my bubby’s be for a blessing. ‘

Since 1998, Alan has served as the spiritual leader of Temple Beth Emeth of Mt. Sinai, Long Island, New York. Before his sojourn in the rabbinate, he taught English for more than 30 years at New York City Technical College of The City University of New York, where he is now Professor Emeritus. He earned his doctorate in English Education at NYU in 1975. He authored A Jewish Book of Comfort, published in 1993.