Cantor Edward Roffman

Edward Roffman tells us, ‘I grew up in Brooklyn, New York, in a home with strong Jewish roots. My parents are both fluent Yiddish speakers, and my identification with Judaism has always been strong, although worship and ritual observance were not major components in my upbringing. My discovery of the vitality of worship and the importance of observance has constituted a major journey of my adult life.

‘I love teaching prayer, song, chant, and the myriad facets of our Jewish tradition to adults and children. I envision my teaching to be similar to gardening. Some of the seeds that I plant will take root quickly, and some may not germinate or grow for many years. The process of my own personal development as a Cantor was influenced by seeds of Jewish learning that were planted in me as a child. It is a privilege to have the opportunity to develop and encourage appreciation of the immeasurable joy of Jewish worship within my congregation, B’nai Israel in Basking Ridge, New Jersey.

‘I thank my parents, Martin and Florence Roffman, for their ongoing love, encouragement, and acceptance. I thank my wife, Robin, for the unending support, comfort, and love that I have received from and shared with her on this journey. I thank my son, Aaron, for his love, understanding, and encouragement, too. Most of all, I thank God for everything that I am and that I have! Baruch HaShem!’