Mission and Goals

Mission Statement

The Academy for Jewish Religion serves the needs of the Jewish community by ordaining rabbis and cantors and training leaders and scholars who combine their mastery of the intellectual and spiritual richness of our tradition with openness to its application in the pluralistic, contemporary Jewish community, and an awareness of living in the presence of God.

Institutional Goals

  1. As an institution, the Academy for Jewish Religion will be committed to serving the Jewish community and providing knowledge of Jews and Judaism to the general community.
  2. Students will demonstrate the ability to integrate self-reflection as a means for developing personal Jewish values and a sense of mission in the service of the Jewish community as well as applying Jewish values to the general community.

  3. Students will demonstrate recognition of the legitimacy of multiple points of view and approaches, both historically in the Jewish tradition and in the interplay of contemporary Jewish movements and schools of thought.

  4. Students will demonstrate an awareness of contemporary issues in Jewish life and a willingness and ability to apply their learning to addressing those issues.

  5. Students will demonstrate mastery of core knowledge of Jewish tradition, ritual, language skills and an understanding of contemporary issues in Jewish study.

  6. Students will demonstrate competencies in critical thinking, written and oral communication, problem-solving, and a basic use of technology.


Goals for Programs of Study 

 The HEGIS Code (Higher Education General Information Survey) for the Academy for Jewish Religion is 2299.00.