Cantorial Program Goals

  1. Students will demonstrate recognition of the legitimacy of multiple points of view and approaches, both historically in the Jewish tradition and in the interplay of contemporary American, Israeli, and world-wide Jewish communities, movements, and schools of thought.
  2. Students will demonstrate strong musicianship skills, mastery of the range of Ashkenazic nusah and trope systems, and familiarity with Sefardic maqamat.
  3. Students will demonstrate a core understanding of the cantor’s voice in helping to facilitate peace and understanding within congregations, the larger community, and the world.
  4. Students will demonstrate competence in classical and modern Hebrew language along with a core knowledge of biblical, liturgical, and rabbinic texts.
  5. Students will demonstrate competence in a range of areas related to professional development: as chaplains, educators, creators of and officiants at life cycle events, and as effective leaders of worship services.
  6. Students will demonstrate engagement in the development of their identity as spiritual leaders and spiritual seekers in the Jewish community.