5769 Summer School

Course Descriptions

CAN 486 Contemporary Repertoire Cantor Murray Simon
This is a continuation of the Contemporary Repertoire course taught in the fall. The focus will be on Shabbat morning. (1.0 course point)

RAB 360 Women’s Tefillah Rabbi Debra Reed Blank
This course will focus on issues around women’s participation in Jewish worship (e.g., counting in minyan, hiyuv, t’fillin). The literature studied will be drawn from the traditional rabbinic corpus, as well as modern responsa. Text work will constitute the bulk of the student’s responsibilities, with the expectation that each will work at his/her level. Discussion of the texts’ relevance and application to students’ concerns will be integrated into the text work. Pre-requisites include Mishnah and at least one semester of Talmud; two years of Hebrew language. (This course will count as a Rabbinics text class, or as a rabbinic critical issues class.) If any cantorial students are interested in taking this class, please speak with Ora Horn Prouser to see if it’s possible. (1.0 course point)

INT 360 Holocaust Jerome Chanes; Dr. Eva Fogelman
This class will examine the central themes and core issues that characterize Holocaust history and theology. We will examine a variety of perspectives and their responses to the Holocaust. Amongst the topics to be covered: the anti-Semitic antecedents to the Holocaust: From anti-Semitism to ‘Final Solution;’ Halakhic responses during the Holocaust; The role of the clergy (Jewish and Christian) during and after the Holocaust; Christian responses; Rescuers and resistance; Theological approaches; Psychological dynamics. We will also analyze the extent to which the Holocaust has had an impsct on General Jewish religious thought. In addition we will study diverse way to ritualize, remember and educate about the Holocaust. (This course will count toward the Contemporary History requirement for those not in the Gratz MA program, or, as elective credit for those in the Gratz program.) (1.0 course point)

INT 360 Sukkot: An Interdisciplinary Study
Rabbi Jeff Hoffman

This course will examine Sukkot, Shemini Atzeret and Simhat Torah from a variety of approaches leading to a holistic understanding of this holiday cycle. We will survey Sukkot in the Bible, the Talmud and Midrash, the Codes, the Liturgy, and modern interpretations. How to teach Sukkot and how to program Sukkot will be featured. Among other issues, we will discuss the laws and meanings of lulav and etrog, the Sukkot, hol hamo’ed, hoshana rabba, ushpizin, Qohelet, tefillat geshem, hoshanot, hatan/kallat Torah, hatan/kallat Bereshit, hakafot. (This course can count as a general elective, a professional skills elective, or a biblical or Rabbinics textual elective after discussion with the Dean. For those not in the Gratz MA program, this course can count as a professional skills critical issues class.) (1.0 course point)

PRO 373 Community Building Rabbi Jessica Zimmerman
What is a Kehillah Kedoshah?: An exploration of the individual and the community, sacred encounters and the role of relationships. This course will be a journey to a better understanding of how to build sacred community. We will discuss ideas which have evolved through the generations – on the on-going, timeless concept of Jewish community. What is it? What has it been? What might it be? And how can our leadership enable and empower people to make the ordinary into something sacred? We will explore ideas of identity and sacred encounters from many different teachers, leading to a new understanding of our own roles in the development of kehillot kedoshot. (This course will count as a professional skills elective, a general elective, or as a professional skills critical issues class for those not enrolled in the Gratz MA program.) (1.0 course point)

RAB 231 Introduction to Talmud Rabbi Isaac Mann
This combination of havruta study and classtime will meet Tuesdays from 6-9PM; Thursdays from 10AM ‘ 4 PM with a one hour lunch break. (no classes June 23 or 25) The course is a continuation of Introduction to Talmud taught in the spring. (1.0 course point)

RAB 370 Intensive Talmud Rabbi Jeff Hoffman
A combination of classtime and havruta study will meet Monday through Thursday from 10:00- 4:30 with a one hour lunch break. A study of selections from Tractate Berakhot on the laws and lore surrounding the Keri’at Shema. Both method and content will be emphasized. Students’ skills in decoding the dialectic of method Talmudic discourse will be developed. The content of the various halakhot and aggadot surrounding this central prayer will be discussed. The Steinsaltz Hebrew edition will be used and the commentaries of Steinsaltz and Rashi will be featured. The level of the class will be determined based on the enrolled students. Steinsaltz Massekhet Berakhot, Hebrew edition is required for the class. Prerequisites: One year of Talmud study. (This course will count as a semester of Talmud study). (1.0 course point)