5768 Spring Book List

Please note that students will be responsible to reimburse the instructors for the cost of duplicating any required course packet.

BIB 103 Intro Parshanut Dr. Ruth Gais
Course Packet to be purchased at our first meeting
Required Texts
Mikraot Gedolot (We will concentrate on Beresheit but the other volumes will be a necessary part of your rabbinic library) Edition Ha-Maor is widely available. As is Torat Hayyim.
Frank,Y, The Practical Talmudic Dictionary (Feldheim Publishing, NY)
Carmell, A. Aiding Talmud Study (Feldheim Publishing, NY)
Jastrow, M., Dictionary

HAL 402 Intro to Codes Rabbi Jeffrey Hoffman
Set of Mishneh Berurah.

HIS 315 Medieval History Rabbi Jill Hammer
Marcus, Jacob, The Jew in the Medieval World
Ben-Sasson, H.H., A History of the Jewish People
Bayme, Stephen, Understanding Jewish History

INT 350 Sh’mittah Rabbi David Greenstein
Course Packet to be provided

LIT 307 Festival Liturgy Dr. Ruth Gais
Course Packet to be purchased at our first meeting
Required Texts
A complete traditional Siddur with Festival services (I recommend Birnbaum, Metsudah, ArtScroll not my first choice)
Elbogen, I., Jewish Liturgy, tr. R. Scheindlin, (JPS, Philadelphia), 1993
Hammer, R., Entering Jewish Prayer, (Schocken, NY) 1994
Hoffman, L., Beyond the Text, (Indiana U. Press) 1987
Klein, I., A guide to Jewish Religious Practice (JTS, NY) 1979

PHI 312 Modern Philosophy Jerome Chanes
Levenson, Alan, An Introduction to Modern Jewish Thinkers (Second Edition)
Soloveitchik, Joseph B., Halakhic Man
_____________________, The Lonely Man of Faith
Plaskow, Judith, Standing Again at Sinai
Buber, Martin, On Judaism
Heschel, A.J., Man is Not Alone
Hertzberg, Arthur, The Zionist Idea: A Historical Analysis and Reader
Note: Other Materials will be handed out in class. A full reading list will accompany the syllabus, to be handed out the first class meeting.

PHI 510 Mysticism Rabbi David Greenstein
Giqatilla, R. Yesef, Sha’arei Orah
Codovero, R. Moshe, Tomer Devorah
(Both books can be easily purchased online through www.Nehora.com. Go to their list of Kabbalah books and search under the names ‘Rabbi Yosef Gikatilla’ and ‘Rabbi Moshe Cordovero)
The preferred edition of Shaarei Orah is their number SKU 301, costing $23.95 and the preferred edition of Tomer Devorah is a Hebrew/English edition with translation and notes by R. Moshe Miller, SKU 627, costing $17.99. This edition is also available through the standard online source such as Amazon. (The book is brief and like Sha’arei Orah, may be obtained in a s’farim store. An older English translation with noted by R. Louis Jacobs can be found on the web.)

PRO 003 Core Concepts III Rabbi David Greenstein
Course Packet to be provided

PRO 006 Core Concepts VI
Rabbi David Greenstein
Course Packet to be provided

PRO 342 Life Cycle II Rabbi Judith Lewis
(Same as Life Cycle I)
HaMadrikh by Goldin
The Lifetime of a Jew by Schauss
Any other rabbi’s manual of the student’s choice

PRO 470 Chaplaincy Rabbi Bonita E Taylor
Jaffe, Hirshel; Rudin James; Rudin, Marcia, Why Me? Why Anyone? (Jason Aronson Inc., ISBN 1-56821-260-7)

RAB 510 Midrash Ruth Rivka Haut
Best Text: Midrash Rabbah Ham’vuar
(The volume has Ruth Rabbah and Esther Rabbah. Published by Machon haMidrash HaM’vuar, Jerusalem)

RAB 531 Adv. Talmud Rabbi David Greenstein
Course Packet to be provided