5770 Spring Book List

Please note that students will be responsible to reimburse the instructors for the cost of duplicating any required course packet.

BIB 455 Feminist Readings of the Bible Barbara Birnbaum
Required Text:
Women in the Hebrew Bible, ed. Alice Bach (Routledge, 1999)
Recommended Text:
-Athalya Brenner, ed., A Feminist Companion to Genesis (1993)

CAN 308 Cantillation Cantor Rena Shapiro
Recommended (not required) texts:
Biblical Chant, A.W. Binder, Sacred Music Press, NY, 1959.
The Glory of Torah Reading, Gellis and Gribetz, M.P. Press, Jersey City, 1983.
Tikun LaKori’im, K’tav Publishing House, New York, 1969.
Sefer Haftarot: The Book of Haftarot, Shilo.

CAN 115 Intro Modes Cantor Gerald Cohen
The Sound of Sacred Time: A Basic Music Theory Textbook to Teach the Jewish Prayer Modes, by Andrew Bernard. Published by the author, and available through him at [email protected]; 704-366-1948, ext 107.
The cost of the textbook is $75.

CAN 460 Advanced Nusah Cantor Lisa Klinger-Kantor
High Holiday Machzor: Silverman, Harlow, Machzor Chadash, Gates of Repentance

HAL 402 Introductions to Codes Rabbi Michael Pitkowsky
A good Hebrew-English (e.g. Alcalay, Oxford) or Hebrew-Hebrew (Even-Shushan) dictionary.
Adin Steinsaltz, The Talmud: The Steinsaltz Edition, A Reference Guide.

LIT 307 Festival Liturgy Rabbi Jeff Hoffman
The Complete Artscroll Siddur
Edited by Rabbi Nossen Scherman. Published by Mesorah. First published in 1984. Reprinted several times since then.

PRO 350 Conversion Rabbi Jeff Hoffman
-Lawrence J. Epstein, Conversion to Judaism: A Guidebook. Published by Jason Aaronson in 1994 (be careful that you procure the correct book because this same author has published three different books on this topic).
-Rabbi Bernice K. Weiss, Converting to Judaism ‘ Choosing To Be Chosen: Personal Stories, Published in 2000.

PRO 700 Fieldwork Support Seminar Arline Duker
-Bloom, Rabbi Jack, The Rabbi as symbolic Exemplar.

RAB 511 Pirkei deRabbi Eliezer Rabbi Jill Hammer
Bible and a Hebrew version of Pirkei deRabbi Eliezer.
Optional: Translation of Pirkei deRabbi Eliezer by Gerald Friedlander

SPI 400 Contemporary Midrash Rabbi Jill Hammer
-Course reader
Modern Poems on the Bible (ed. David Curzon)
The Miracle Hater by Shulamit Hareven.