5771 Summer Course Descriptions

BIB336 Understanding Biblical Texts: Sharpening Your Language Skills to Unlock the Richness of the Bible (Rabbi Miles Cohen)
The language of the Bible offers tools to aid the reader in discovering the richness of biblical texts. This course begins with biblical grammar and syntax refreshers, and then focuses on biblical passages that can be better understood, interpreted, and appreciated in the light of biblical grammar, syntax, and other aspects of the language. Attention will also be paid to the ta’amei hamiqra as tools to aid reading comprehension. This course will count as a Bible elective, or, as part of the Parashat Hashavua requirement.

HEB390 Modern Israeli Songs: Their Language and Messages (Rabbi Jeff Hoffman)
In this course, we will listen to, read lyrics of, and analyze modern Israeli songs. We will use these songs as windows to understand segments of modern Israeli society. The Hebrew of these lyrics will function as templates of language for us to practice decoding of prefixes, suffixes, tenses, possessives, and other grammatical forms. We will pay attention to the creative interplay between the modern sensibilities often found in these songs and the biblical, Talmudic, or liturgical original settings of some of the language. For cantorial students, this will count toward the Diverse Musical Traditions requirement. For Rabbinical students this course will count toward the Hebrew requirement (post Hebrew II). It can also count as an elective.

PRO367 Jewish Environmentalism Today (To be taught in conjunction with COEJL)
What’s happening Jewishly when it comes to the environment? Why is Judaism inherently a ‘green’ religion? From advocacy for environmental protection and energy independence, to sustainability practices and energy efficiency, to the Jewish food movement, this class will provide an overview of Jewish environmentalism today and the ongoing work in the Jewish community to be more energy aware and sustainable in its practices. This course will count as a professional skills or a general elective.

PRO525 PR and Marketing for Clergy (Shira Dicker)
This course will be an introduction to communication and marketing tools to help future clergy effectively communicate their goals, and ideas to their synagogues and organizations.