5770 Summer Course Descriptions

Course Descriptions

BIB 415 The Haftarot Dr. Ora Horn Prouser

In this class we will study selections from the prophetic material that have been chosen to be read as haftarot. We will study the prophetic messages from both historical and contemporary points of view. In addition, special attention will be paid to the connections between the haftarot themselves and the weekly Torah portions. This course will count as a Bible elective or as a Prophets course. (1.0 course point)

INT 380 The Image of The Other in Jewish Tradition Rabbi Jeff Hoffman

Studies in ‘The Other’ comprise an emerging area in Religious Studies. The Other refers to members outside of the in-group. In Jewish tradition, The Other includes non-Jews, women, children (sometimes), converts (sometimes), and the’am ha’arets‘ (the unlettered), among others. While this course will pay attention to many categories of The Other in Jewish tradition, it will focus on the way non-Jews are portrayed. We will survey the image of The Other in the Bible, Rabbinic Literature, Liturgy, Codes, and mystical literature. The role of historical circumstances, when identifiable, will be featured. Nevertheless, an assumption of this course is that historical circumstances cannot account for all of the ways that The Other is imaged in Jewish tradition. The Other in Jewish society, like in most cultures, embraces a set of attitudes that only modulates with history; these attitudes do not appear and disappear. It is important to know how our tradition portrays the Other for honest and effective participation in current Interfaith Dialogue and attention will be paid to Jewish postures in Interfaith Dialogue. This course will count as .5 credit in Critical Issues in Halakhah and .5 credit in Ethics. (1.0 course point)

INT 390 Faith, Technology and Halakhah Rabbi Dan Ain

As our new technologies reshape the way in which we understand human interaction, so too do they impact the way in which we understand our faith. This course will focus on both the theological and the practical halakhic conflicts created by our increasingly ever present entanglement with the technologies of the 21st century. The material in this class will provide a forum for a discussion about the ways in which Jewish wisdom can be transmitted in this generation, while keeping an eye on the challenges to be faced by the next. This course will count as .5 credit in Critical Issues in Halakhah and .5 credit in Ethics.(1.0 course point)

PRO 015 Ritual Skills Workshop Rabbi Cantor Howard Nacht

This workshop will focus on any of the skills included in ritual skills testing except for cantillation. The class will meet Monday through Thursday from 9:30-1:00 each day. The choice of which skills will be covered will be dictated by the choices of the students enrolled in the class. (0.0 course point)

PRO 334 Building and Running a Congregational Religious School Susan Werk

The congregational religious school plays a central role in synagogue life and building. This course will address practical, philosophical, and spiritual matters in organizing and directing a religious school. This includes issues such as hiring and supervising teachers, developing curriculum, the role of the religious school in the synagogue, and including the family. This course will count as a professional skills elective. (1.0 course point)

RAB 370 Intensive Talmud Rabbi Michael Pitkowsky

A combination of classtime and havruta study will meet Monday through Thursday from 10:00- 4:30 with a one hour lunch break. The course will include a combination of Havruta and Shiur. The level of this class will be determined based on the enrolled students. Prerequisite: One year of Talmud Study. This course will count as one semester of Talmud study. (1.0 course point)