Rabbi Ariann Weitzman

Ariann’s love of Judaism began in kindergarten at the San Diego Jewish Academy, a pluralistic day school. It was at this young age that she first started learning Hebrew and Jewish practice and began to fall in love with Jewish tradition. Continue reading »


Rabbi Kaya Stern-Kaufman

Kaya Joy Stern-Kaufman is the daughter of Judith and Lawrence K. Stern and the granddaughter of Rabbi Harry M. Katzen, z”l, – a Latvian born Talmud scholar and pulpit Rabbi who served his Brooklyn community for 55 years. Kaya’s Jewish … Continue reading »


Rabbi Linda Shriner-Cahn

Rabbi Linda Shriner-Cahn has grappled with her Jewish heritage her entire life, striving to find meaning from and connection with those she never knew as a child of survivors of the Shoah. She has sought and continues to seek a … Continue reading »


Cantor Lisa B. Segal

Cantor Lisa B. Segal left a successful and rewarding career in Arts management to become a cantor, something she never imagined for herself until about ten years ago. Now, as she arrives at ordination and moves to expand her role … Continue reading »


Rabbi Sanford Olshansky

Rabbi Sanford (Sandy) Olshansky is the product of a dysfunctional Jewish background. His European-born, Yiddish-speaking parents, z”l, were both raised in Orthodox homes. The Judaism of his mother’s family was joyous and loving and she embraced it. The Judaism of … Continue reading »


Rabbi Kathy Novick

Kathy’s first memory of Jewish worship was that of her father’s strong hands holding her over his head to see the cantor sound the shofar. Although she was raised in a mostly secular home, everyone was expected to attend weekly … Continue reading »


Rabbi Aaron Liebman

Rabbi Aaron Liebman’s family of origin has always been very committed to the Jewish people, Jewish survival, and Jewish academics. Jewish religion is another matter. One of Aaron’s great-great-great-grandfathers was a prominent Austro-Hungarian Jewish jurist, one of his great-grandfathers served … Continue reading »


Rabbi Joan Lenowitz

The ketubah of Rabbi Joan Lenowitz’s mother’s mother’s mother hangs on her wall. It is simple, not ornate like modern ketubot, but it creates a memory and attests to her membership in the tribe. Joan grew up with two brothers, … Continue reading »


Rabbi Heidi Hoover

Growing up outside Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the daughter of a German teacher and a Lutheran pastor, Rabbi Heidi Hoover never would have guessed that the rabbinate was in her future. She studied creative and professional writing at Carnegie Mellon University, and … Continue reading »


Rabbi Laurie Gold

Rabbi Laurie Gold was blessed to have been born into a warm family, where she received the love of her parents, grandparents, aunt, uncle and brother. Their care and guidance contributed to her optimism and joyfulness. Laurie was born and … Continue reading »