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Cantor/Baal Tefilah

Posted on January 15, 2024

Congregation Sons of Israel - Woodmere, NY

Inclusive/Diverse, Traditional

Congregation Sons of Israel is a traditional synagogue (orthodox service without a mechitzah). People are warm and welcoming, They are very connected to the synagogue. Congregation takes an active role in Israel advocacy. Very strong Adult Education program and Sisterhood, Men’s Club and Social Activities committee. We are looking for a Cantor or a Ba’al Tefillah who is Shomer Shabbat. Duties would include: Leading Shabbat and holiday worship, Participating in synagogue programs and events, Attending daily morning services, Serving as weekday Shaliach Tzibur as needed, Occasionally leyning Torah as needed, possibly including Shabbat Mincha and Monday & Thursday mornings & Collaborating with the Rabbi, Executive Director, President, and Ritual Chair. Salary To be determined. Part-time. Seeking to fill this position before July 1, 2024. Please email your Resume/CV to Harriet Gefen at [email protected]. www.csoiwoodmere.org.