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Interim Rabbi

Posted on December 4, 2023

Beth Israel Congregation - Hamilton, OH

Conservative, Inclusive/Diverse

The congregation is over 110 years old and we have been affiliated with the USCJ, although the majority of our members are reform in their daily lives. We are proud of our congregation’s diversity, which we define in the broadest sense of the term: our membership varies in age, national origin, color, creed, politics, and sexual orientation. These values are incorporated into our core statements:

Mission: Beth Israel seeks to engage the community through education, culture, and lifestyle with a goal of embracing methods of living Jewishly.

Vision: We are a Conservative synagogue seeking to engage Jewish families, including interfaith and those seeking to convert, to live a life full of tefillah, tshuva, and tzedaka.

Values: The primary values for Beth Israel Synagogue are commitment, scholarship, education, traditions, culture, and halacha.

Key priorities: Community/membership growth, Digital outreach/engagement, education, Hospitality, Full lifecycle support, Assisting in the search for a permanent rabbi & Identifying community goals and desires as they relate to the future direction of the shul

Key roles: Providing learning and leadership opportunities, Organizing cross- or multi-congregational events, Propping up the occasional cultural activity, Helping with the search for a permanent rabbi, Recommending possible updates to services & Religious School: Lead services (all students), provide storytime (young students), tutoring (upcoming Bnai Mizvah)

Leadership expectations: To be the spiritual advisor for Beth Israel, To lead the congregation in Conservative practices, To be involved in the Butler County Jewish and faith communities & To increase the synagogue’s visibility and presence.

Skills: Outreach to disconnected, unaffiliated, and/or spiritually ”home”-less Jewish populations and interfaith families, familiarity with the work of enhancing a digital presence, patience and skill with growing a community while maintaining the best parts of its existing traditions and culture & balancing the Conservative movement’s approach to mitzvot and halacha with modernization.

Salary Range: $107,000.00–132,000.00 with benefits. There are housing options within walking distance including the historic Dayton Street. Hamilton is expanding quickly and includes a large variety of single family and multi family homes with options to rent or purchase. There may be a tax incentive if you move into the urban center by the synagogue. The Rabbi is permitted to live anywhere within Butler county and is not restricted to the City of Hamilton. Contact: Chair of Search Committee: Dr. Michael Cohen (513) 341-7915, e-mail: [email protected]. Website: www.beth israel congregation.net.