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Music Director (Hybrid Remote)

Posted on January 25, 2024

Congregation Kol Ami, Kansas City, MO

Inclusive/Diverse, Progressive/Liberal, Unaffiliated

Kol Ami is a small, nonaffiliated, progressive, warm, eclectic, and LGBTQ-friendly synagogue located in the Kansas City, MO urban core. Services are held at All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church just north of the Plaza. Our small congregation (about 65 families) sings enthusiastically, listens appreciatively, and offers heartfelt support of Kol Ami’s music program. Music is central to our spiritual and ritual expression. Our focus on congregational singing empowers everyone to share music as a pathway to Jewish worship. Kol Ami’s Music Director is responsible for selecting the music, rehearsing the musicians, and leading the music for approximately two services each month as well as well as b’nai mitzvot, High Holy Days services and special services like the second night Passover seder. The Music Director reports to the congregational Rabbi and the Board President, and coordinates with the Worship chair and committee. They also report to the Treasurer for planned and actual expenses. The Kol Ami Search Committee looks forward to presenting added detail for this exciting position to serious candidates. Interviews and auditions will be promptly scheduled.  Responsibilities: Plans, selects, rehearses, performs, and leads the music and musicians for Kol Ami’s services with the assistance of contract pianist. Except for High Holy Days services, rehearsals take place before the service begins. Produces cue sheets for each first Friday service and special services, Leads the congregation in the music of the services, From January-June and September-December, Music Director leads volunteer musicians and the congregation in the music for a traditional service in the sanctuary the first Friday of the month. The second Friday service is informal with the Music Director playing and leading singing for the service, *Plans, selects, rehearses, performs, and leads music and musicians for b’nai mitzvot (usually Saturday mornings) and special events, such as Passover second night celebrations, Works with Rabbi to plan and select music for High Holy Days services in September or October including the Erev Rosh Hashanah service at night, Rosh Hashanah service the next morning, the Erev Yom Kippur (Kol Nidre) service at night, and Yom Kippur services the next morning and afternoon. Recruits musicians/singers, organizes, schedules, and runs multiple rehearsals in preparation for the services, Oversees dedicated budget for music, Coordinates with All Souls AV team for audio and live streaming support & Recruits guest musicians and plans music for their performances at several Shabbat services in the sanctuary per year. Qualifications: Able to sing and lead others in singing. Ability to play an accompanying instrument like guitar or keyboard is ideal, Knowledge of Jewish music, Detail-oriented, Able to recruit, rehearse and lead musicians & Oversee, plan for, and distribute funds for paid musicians. The position is part-time, remote, and on-site at a salary of $15,000 a year. Please send resumes with contact information to: [email protected]. www.kolamikc.org.