The leader in pluralistic education.

The Academy for Jewish Religion (AJR) offers two programs leading to ordination as Rav U-moreh/morah B’Yisrael (Rabbi and Teacher in Israel), and Hazzan U-Moreh/Morah B’Yisrael (Hazzan/Cantor and Teacher in Israel). AJR also offers a (Kol-Bo) dual-ordination program, as both Rabbi and Hazzan, a special “Cantors to Rabbis” track for ordained cantors, as well as a Master’s Program in Jewish Studies. All of AJR’s programs offer depth, rigor and integrity as they embrace academic scholarship and traditional Jewish study, together with training in professional skills and spiritual preparation.

…and in Distance Learning

AJR has a vigorous Distance Learning program, with multiple state-of-the-art hybrid classrooms allowing students both on-site and online to participate simultaneously. We use the popular Zoom video application such that (with rare exception) all classes can be taken remotely. Students who live too far to attend courses in person are encouraged to make use of our DL program. Students are permitted to take 25% to 90% of their classes remotely, depending on how far from the campus they live. Click here for details.

The atmosphere, described by one student as a “community of loving learners,” is fostered by students, faculty, and administration and revolves around the traditional values of ahavat Torah (love of Torah), ahavat Yisrael (love of the people Israel), kavod laTorah (honor and respect for Torah), and ahavat HaShem (love of God).