Distance Learning

AJR is excited to offer a vigorous Distance Learning Program for our students. This program provides a unique opportunity for on-site and virtual students to learn together as one community in real time. Utilizing our state-of-the-art Hybrid Classroom, equipped with professional video and sound systems, online students are fully immersed in the on-site classroom experience using the Zoom video conference platform.

Students are permitted to take 25% to 90% of their classes remotely based on the distance they live from campus. Please reference the chart below to see a specific breakdown.

Distance you live from AJR On-Site Off-Site
100 miles or less 75% 25%
100-500 miles 33% 66%
500 miles or more 10% 90%

AJR offers regular intersession courses held over the course of two to four days in order to facilitate the on-site requirements for students living at a distance (typically in January, May, and August).

Note that all students, regardless of the distance that they live from AJR, are required to attend our annual Fall Retreat and Spring Intensive onsite.

It may be possible for Cantors-to-Rabbis students to complete their program entirely online depending on the requirements they need to fulfill.

Community Programs

AJR also live streams our robust assortment of lunchtime programs such as meditation, special guest presenters, Jewish learning led by various faculty members, and Student Association Meetings. In addition, we live stream our prayer services each day, Monday through Wednesday, with a Streaming Events schedule sent out to students, faculty, and alumni each day.