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Kol-Bo Program

Many spiritual leaders find that they need to serve their congregation as both rabbis and cantors. The Kol-Bo program has been created to enable students to earn both rabbinic and cantorial ordinations simultaneously, preparing students to lead their communities liturgically, educationally, and pastorally. Students in this program who plan carefully will be able to complete both ordinations with just one year of additional full-time study.

Course requirements

A total of 160 credits is required for this program. In addition, students must fulfill the various co-curricular requirements of both the rabbinic and cantorial programs, including comprehensive examinations, Ritual Skills requirements, and yearly Practica. Students must fulfill the requirements of the MA in Jewish Studies, including a Master’s Project, unless they enter the program having already completed an M.A. in a Jewish Studies field. Those who enter with an earned M.A. in Jewish Studies but have not already written a Master’s Thesis will need to complete a Master’s Project. (Please see the rabbinical program page and the cantorial program page for more information on requirements for the program.)