M.A. Course Requirements

Course Requirements
The 36 credits of required courses – emphasizing Jewish sacred text and issues of the contemporary Jewish community – that make up the Master’s Program comprise 16 courses of 2 credits each and 4 courses of 1 credit each. Most of AJR’s courses are 2 credit courses. The Core Concepts Seminar and Havruta are 1 credit courses for M.A. students.

Sacred Literature – (multiple courses totaling 8 Credits)
At least one course should be in Bible and one in Rabbinic Literature.

Liturgy – (multiple courses totaling 4 Credits)

Pluralism – (2 Credits)

History – (multiple courses totaling 4 Credits)

Philosophy – (multiple courses totaling 2 Credits)

Spirituality – (multiple courses totaling 2 Credits)

Electives – (multiple courses totaling 10 Credits)

Core Concepts Seminars and/or Havruta – (4 Courses of 1 Credit Each)
Havruta” refers to supervised group study sessions involving cooperative learning techniques monitored by the supervisor and written work approved by the supervisor. This requirement can be fulfilled with electives if given permission by the Academic Dean.

Students taking sacred text courses will be eligible to attend one Havruta session each week for each sacred text course, with a total of no more than three Havruta sessions per week (since AJR’s once-per-week classes are offered on three days per week: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday). Since Havruta is considered part and parcel of Talmud courses themselves, and the written work produced in Havruta is for the sake of the Talmud course itself, students taking Talmud cannot take Havruta for credit.

Hebrew Language Requirement
Students entering with limited Hebrew language facility should plan on taking additional courses to complete the program since the coursework for the degree assumes familiarity with basic grammar, the ability to read unvocalized Hebrew texts, and the ability to understand basic spoken Hebrew. In order to complete the program, students must show Hebrew competency at the level equivalent to the completion of HEB 351.

The Master’s Project
A Master’s Project represents the ability of a student to work with academic books and articles toward the creation of a project that applies these in a practical and functional, educational way. Students who wish to create a scholarly study as their Master’s Project must demonstrate mastery of the primary sources in their original languages. Students will choose an appropriate mentor with the help of the Master’s Projects Advisor. Such a mentor – who must have the necessary expertise for the particular project – may be chosen from the AJR faculty member or from the general community. A $300 mentor’s fee will be collected by AJR and the mentor will be paid by AJR. For current fee, please check with the Academic Dean. The Academic Dean and the Master’s Projects Advisor may not serve as mentors.