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As a commuter school AJR works to establish an intimate feeling of community and support. Administration and faculty are readily available for consultation and advice. A very detailed student handbook and academic catalog outline expectations, requirements, policies, and courtesy codes.

Our pluralistic setting and philosophy invite ongoing discussions and personal reflection regarding kashrut policies, tefillah and other religious practices as experienced within the school environment. Daily Minhah and periodic Shaharit Minyanim are student led, in a variety of styles from traditional to meditative. Our Beit Midrash shelves are stocked with ample numbers of siddurim that represent the liturgy of each movement. Our Birkonim (Grace after Meals books) contain pluralistic choices in the way we offer thanks for our food.

Our students are encouraged to stretch and engage in ways that expand their spiritual growth. One way is learning by example. Our Spiritual Spelunking lunchtime programs, organized by our Director of Spiritual Education, feature faculty and other personalities who share their personal journeys and struggles in forming their religious practices and philosophies.

Lunchtime programs offer opportunities to embellish classroom learning by offering master classes, professional skill development, cantorial practica, and outside speakers for brief presentations. (A period referred to as sacred lunch ensures that there is ample time to actually eat.) Community Time is a featured program when the school comes together to discuss issues of significance to our students, our community and to the Jewish world at large.

The AJR community feeling is reinforced in mirth-filled celebrations at Chanukah and Purim, and ceremonies at Sukkot, Thanksgiving, and Pesach. We also recognize that an important ingredient to the success of our students is the support of family, and we welcome family members and friends to our learning community, whether by sampling a class session or attending the retreat.

We view each student as a critical piece of the tapestry that is our school community, and our student life reflects the effort of students, faculty, administration to make the fit a comfortable one.

Student Life At AJR for Ordination Students

From their entry into the school, new students are matched with peer mentors in the Madrikh/a Program, where veteran students are able to help students integrate into the school environment and culture, and navigate systems in a personal way.

Our students are encouraged to take advantage of outside opportunities for leadership and growth as clergy. Various inter-seminary experiences are promoted in retreats, dialogues, training and travel programs offered by the Clal, Rabbis Without Borders, American Jewish World Service, Center for Christian Jewish Understanding, Muslim Jewish Dialogue, among others.

Our alumni, especially those in the AJR affiliated Association of Rabbis and Cantors (ARC) play an active supportive role through their offers of mentoring and tutoring through the Yesh list, through their recognition of student achievements in liturgy in formal annual awards, and through their presence at Fall Retreats, Spring Intensives, and the Staying Connected classes offered on site.