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Koran in English

 Dictionary of Hebrew Philosophical Terms

By Jacob Klatzkin

(Otzar Ha-munahim ha-filosofiyim; Thesaurus Philosophicus Linguae Hebraicae; Eshkol, Berlin, 1928, 4 vols.). The most comprehensive dictionary of philosophical and scientific Hebrew terms culled from the medieval Jewish philosophical literature, with extensive textual examples. Definitions are given in Hebrew and German, unfortunately not in English. A must for scholars doing original research in medieval Jewish philosophy.

 Fountain of Life

By Solomon Ibn Gabirol (11th century), Translated by Alfred Jacob (1958), edited by Leonard Levin (2005).

The only complete English translation of this major work of medieval Jewish philosophy. Composed originally in Arabic, it was translated completely into Latin (12th-13th century) and partially into Hebrew; the original Arabic text was lost. The fascinating story of the recovery, translation, and editing of this work is told in the preface to this edition.