Music & Cantorial


Cantorial Library Sheet Music Collection

These spreadsheets identify cantorial collections, sheet music, songbooks, and books related to cantillation, that are not represented in AJR’s online catalog. Each relates directly to the title, cantor, and to all that the professional leader of prayer is responsible for. These materials range from the Ashkenaz, Sepharad, Mizrah, and Oriental traditions and can be used to study the rich history of Jewish music, nusah, prayer, and piyyut which are foundational to the cultural and religious practice of Judaism.

Judaica Sound Archive

Authoritative catalog and selected audio of Jewish music, emphasis on pre-1950 Yiddish and U.S. recordings. From Florida Atlantic University. Audio-visual site with compositions, composers, ensembles and recorded and printed media from the Jewish Music Institute in London.

The National Sound Archives (Israel)

A sample of digitized audio of music from Israel and worldwide Jewish communities, from the Jerusalem National University Library


This website presents a variety of lenses to see into the world of piyyut. There are two archives: a collection of piyyutim and melodies, and texts and melodies not classically defined as piyyutim such as selections from Psalms or traditional Jewish prayers. Piyyut is a joint initiative of the Avi Chai Foundation and  Kehilot Sharot (Singing Communities), an organization also supported by the Avi Chai Foundation.

Journal of Synagogue Music

A publication of the Cantor’s Assembly. The journal offers articles and music of broad interest to hazzanim and other Jewish professionals. Links to Proceedings of the Cantor’s Assembly conventions are also posted on this page.