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Parashat Mishpatim

January 30, 2008 | Filed in: Divrei Torah, Shmot

Everything I Need, I Learned at Sinai By Irwin Huberman During the mid-1980’s a series of books captured the imagination of readers across America under the general theme of “All I Really Need To Know I Learned in Kindergarten.” The … Continue reading »


Parashat Mishpatim

February 14, 2007 | Filed in: Divrei Torah, Shmot

What God Wants of Us By Irwin Huberman For thousands of years, rabbis, scholars, and commentators have parsed, dissected, and analyzed the laws of the Torah to help better understand one thing: What does God want of us? Tradition tells … Continue reading »



March 23, 2006 | Filed in: Divrei Torah, Shmot

Law and Order by the Numbers By Peggy de Prophetis This parashah begins with God’s words to Moses, ‘These are the rules that you shall set before them.’ It continues with a long and detailed list of the mitzvot that … Continue reading »