One legacy, many voices

Since its founding in 1956 as a rabbinical school, the Academy for Jewish Religion has been at the forefront of pluralistic rabbinic and cantorial training.

Beginning in January 2014, the Academy for Jewish Religion is very proud to introduce a Master’s Program in Jewish Studies. Our graduates and students serve both movement-affiliated and non-affiliated congregations in North America and around the world, fulfilling the needs of Klal Yisrael in this post-denominational era.

AJR’s Public Statement of Educational Effectiveness is available here.

The Academy for Jewish Religion is unique because:

Our teachings respectfully span the full spectrum of Judaism; our faculty and students cross denominational lines, representing the full spectrum of the Jewish community.

Students ranging in age from their 20’s through their 80’s study together as colleagues.

AJR is the only seminary committed to training rabbis and cantors as equal partners in spiritual leadership. Both rabbis and cantors are prepared to:

  • Lead dynamic, spiritually uplifting, meaningful religious services using the liturgy and nusah of all denominations
  • Give skillful, compassionate counseling
  • Be engaged teachers of Torah using both traditional and contemporary interpretations
  • Incorporate spiritual practices and meditative techniques into their personal and communal prayer experiences.
  • Officiate at moving, beautiful Jewish life cycle ceremonies
  • Guide congregations in their creation of supportive, spiritual, religiously meaningful communities.

AJR office hours of operation are Monday through Thursday 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM. All courses are scheduled on Monday through Wednesday.