AJR ordains pluralistic rabbis and cantors ready to serve Jewish communities by embracing people where they are.

“What clicked for me was the pluralistic approach, the flexibility, and the rigorous yet supportive learning environment. Because AJR celebrates creativity and authenticity, values multiple perspectives, and educates its students’ mind, heart, and soul, my time at AJR has shown me sides of myself that I had never discovered before – that I am a poet and a songwriter and a counselor and a prayer leader.”
– Rabbi Lisa Sacks (’20)

Our rigorous ordination programs offer flexible paths to completion catering to students with other life responsibilities.

“Going back to school, leaving a full time position and having two kids at home, wouldn’t be simple, but thankfully, I’m an AJR student. Thankfully because AJR brings the curriculum to each student, meeting each student where they are, recognizing we are each unique, and, from a practical perspective, recognizing that life circumstances change.”
– Rabbi Davey Rosen (’22)

Davey Rosen's family

We treasure the great religious, geographic, ethnic, and generational diversity of our student body.

Marge Wise

“Since taking my first class at AJR, I have loved it – I love the learning, I love that I was able to go back to school in my 50’s, and I love the atmosphere of growth and discovery, I am happy and privileged to be part of the AJR family!”
– Rabbi Marge Wise (’21)

With 65 years of history, The Academy for Jewish Religion is a leading seminary and graduate school training rabbis, cantors, and MA students. Our graduates successfully lead congregations and organizations, work as educators and chaplains, and serve the Jewish community thanks to our thoughtful, effective approach to education.

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