AJR rabbis, cantors and Jewish leaders build communities.

Placement encompasses a variety of experiences and levels of experience, serving students, alumni, and Jewish communities.

For synagogues and other institutions seeking staff, the Placement Office prides itself on its friendly and personalized service. We will be happy to post your listing and to discuss your particular needs. We make an effort to maintain ongoing relationships with our placement sites so that you are comfortable contacting us with referrals or with your own future requests.

Students seek employment for basic income while pursuing their studies. As they advance in their knowledge and skills, students are ready to undertake part-time positions in settings appropriate for clergy, educators, and Jewish leaders whether in the synagogue, classroom, hospital, organizations, or college campus. To fulfill requirements leading to ordination, students must participate in two years of supervised fieldwork, with one of those years spent in the pulpit. The Placement Office addresses each of these stages during the course of study. Employment opportunity updates are sent out to the student body on a regular basis. Faculty and other staff are available to assist in assessing and monitoring student progress so that performance in the field represents our highest standards.

Alumni, once ordained or graduated and in the field, and in good standing with the Association of Rabbis and Cantors (ARC), are eligible for all the services that the Placement Office offers. Should alumni decide to undertake a career move, they may contact the Placement Office for job listings, guidance, contract review, and consultation. Alumni are encouraged to share resources and announcements of job vacancies that might be appropriate for students or other alumni in the AJR community.

For any questions regarding placement, please email Rabbi Beth Kramer-Mazer or call her at 914.709.0900 ext. 4029.