The nearly perfect success of AJR’s Placement Office ensures that graduates find the setting where they can have the most meaningful impact on the Jewish community.

AJR accepts high caliber students and produces exceptional clergy who serve in all types of Jewish communities. Our Placement Offices supports our alumni and students, at all stages of their education, to find the right position in which they can flourish. We are extremely proud that in the past decade, in all years but one our placement rate has been 100% for new graduates seeking a position in the professional Jewish world.

“I was incredibly impressed with AJR alumni and students’ deep commitment to bring pluralism and spirituality, and to be willing to serve every aspect of the Jewish community.”
– Rabbi Rebecca Sirbu, Executive Vice President, Jewish Funders Network

For synagogues and other institutions seeking staff, the Placement Office prides itself on its friendly and personalized service. We will be happy to post your listing and to discuss your particular needs. We make an effort to maintain ongoing relationships with our placement sites so that you are comfortable contacting us with referrals or with your own future requests.

Some students seek employment for basic income while pursuing their studies. As they advance in their knowledge and skills, students are ready to undertake part-time positions in settings appropriate for clergy, educators, and Jewish leaders, whether in the synagogue, classroom, hospital, non-profit organization, or college campus. To fulfill requirements leading to ordination, students must participate in four trimesters of supervised fieldwork, with two of those trimesters spent in the pulpit. Our Director of Fieldwork and the Placement Office shepherd students through these different stages in their programs. Employment opportunity updates are sent out to the student body on a regular basis.

Once ordained and in the field, all alumni are eligible for all the services that the Placement Office offers. Should alumni decide to undertake a career move, they may contact the Placement Office for job listings, guidance, contract review, and consultation. Alumni are encouraged to share resources and announcements of job vacancies that might be appropriate for students or other alumni in the AJR community.

For any questions regarding placement, please contact Rabbi Beth Kramer-Mazer by email, or at 914-709-0900 ext. 4029.

Rabbi Beth Kramer Mazer

Shalom! I’m Rabbi Beth Kramer-Mazer, Director of Placement, and I’m thrilled to welcome you to AJR! I will be very happy to assist you in your search for outstanding candidates to serve in your organization. Please email me to begin our Placement work together. I look forward to connecting!