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Latest Torah

by Hazzan Rabbi Luis Cattan ('20)

How can an Israeli soldier go back to sleep after battling in Gaza? I have been struggling with this question. It comes from the feeling that on top of the pain, sorrow, astonishment, and anger, we are now dealing with the fact that our people are forced to do something we didn't want. How do we achieve peace with the enemy? It is upon us and the enemy, hopefully soon; but how can our soldiers achieve peace with themselves?

by Rabbi Marge Wise (AJR '21)

Our parashah for this coming Shabbat, Parashat Balak, gives us much to think about in terms of the impact of our words as they translate into our actions.

by Rabbi Enid C. Lader ('10)

Our Torah portion this week begins with describing “zot hukkat haTorah - the ritual law” concerning the red heifer.

by Cantor Robin Anne Joseph (’96)

“I’m falling on my face” is a phrase I heard many-a-time growing up. What it usually meant was “I’m exhausted,” “I have no more energy,” or “proceed without me.” When my mother would say it out loud, I knew enough to give her some space, or some time to rest, or get my tuchus in gear and help cook dinner.

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Tuesday, Jul 23
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Wednesday, Jul 24
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Thursday, Jul 25
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Monday, Jul 29
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