AJR offers the opportunity for people from around the world to pursue their dream of becoming Jewish clergy without needing to uproot themselves.

All required classes are offered via Zoom and ordination students are only required to gather in person at an offsite location twice a year for our multiday communal events in the fall and spring trimesters. For those who wish to take some courses in person at the AJR campus, we regularly offer an onsite intersession course option, together with an online option, in between each of the three terms.

Although most of our interactions throughout the year occur online, our small class sizes, the warmth of our faculty and administration, and the supportiveness of students for one another build lasting bonds of friendship and family among those in the AJR community. The atmosphere, described by one student as a “community of loving learners,” is fostered by students, faculty, and administration, revolving around the traditional values of ahavat Torah (love of Torah), ahavat Yisrael (love of the people Israel), kavod laTorah (honor and respect for Torah), and ahavat HaShem (love of God).