Strengthen you core Jewish knowledge.

AJR created the Mechina (preparatory) Program to meet the needs of students with limited grounding in Hebrew language and Judaic Studies in order to prepare them for AJR’s Ordination and M.A. Degree programs.

The AJR Mechina Program consists of two different sections: Mechina Hebrew and Mechina Jewish Studies. The Hebrew language component includes basic study of Biblical, rabbinic and modern Hebrew while the Judaic studies component combines an in-depth survey of Jewish history and an introduction to the study of Jewish texts. The Mechina Hebrew section typically involves a one, two or three trimester progression (Mechina 1, Mechina 2, and Mechina 3), which prepares students to take Hebrew 250 (1A), while the Mechina Judaic Studies section typically involves one or two trimesters. Each section meets twice a week for a total of four periods a week for students enrolled in both sections.

Matriculated Mechina students who are part of, or who are preparing for, our ordination programs are part of the Academy community and are expected to participate in the fall Retreat and in the spring Intensive.

The Mechina Program has a special reduced tuition rate.

Admission to the Mechina Program is based upon an interview with the Dean of Admissions and an assessment exam. Participation in the Mechina Program does not represent admission to or preference for admission to one of the ordination programs.

David Hill

“I found the immersive experience of Mechina Hebrew to be just what I needed to prepare me to undertake a deeper dive into Modern Hebrew. When I started Mechina all I knew was the Hebrew alphabet, I could read with difficulty, and my vocabulary was minimal. By teaching me the basics of grammar and by helping me to build a foundation of vocabulary, the program gave me both the tools and the confidence to continue the Modern Hebrew program.”
– David Hill, Rabbinical Student