One Torah, Many Stories.

The library at AJR includes a core collection of more than 10,000 books, periodicals, sheet music, recordings, and other media supporting the multi-denominational aspects of academic and spiritual learning. The collection ranges from classical texts to works on philosophy, history, Israel, music, liturgy, and issues facing modern Jews. Explore AJR’s collection via the AJR Library Catalog.

AJR subscribes to the Digital Theological Library (DTL), which includes over 1,500,000 e-books, over 104,000,000 articles, over 150 databases, over 61,000 journals, and over 100,000 musical scores. Current students, faculty, and staff may obtain the password by contacting the AJR Librarian.

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The mission of the library at the Academy for Jewish Religion is to meet the learning, educational and informational needs of the students, faculty and administration whether they are located onsite or at remote locations.

The library will provide easy access to appropriate books, databases, scholarly material and other content in the areas of sacred Jewish texts, Hebrew language, history, liturgy, literature, music, philosophy, spirituality, and issues of the pluralistic, contemporary Jewish community. It will include resources in print, multimedia, audiovisual, online and digital formats.

In order to accomplish this mission, the librarian will develop a print, multimedia, audiovisual, online and digital format collection that meets the immediate needs of the students and faculty and that supports the curriculum. The collection will be continually enhanced with input from faculty, students and the librarian.

To further support the mission of the Academy, the library maintains a page on the AJR website with links to appropriate resources. These include the library catalog of holdings as well as free and subscription databases to support the research needs of the students and faculty.

For questions about access to information on the DTL, or for ARC member alumni access to Proquest, please contact the AJR librarian.
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