For rabbis looking to pursue their professional musical aspirations.

AJR proudly offers rabbis a streamlined but rigorous opportunity to add cantorial ordination to their already impressive mastery of Jewish text and tradition. This track of the Cantorial Program is for those ordained rabbis who are looking for more than just continuing education – it is designed for those seeking intensive pursuit of an additional respected degree.

Course Requirements

The Rabbis to Cantors track of the Cantorial Program requires a minimum of 60 credits. In addition, students are responsible for taking the comprehensive exams required of cantorial students, for fulfilling the requisite Ritual Skills requirement, and for performing an annual Practicum. Students in this track who have not already completed a Master’s Degree in Jewish Studies or in a Jewish field will also need to complete the AJR Master’s in Jewish Studies, including a Master’s Project, as part of their program, which typically adds an additional 30 credits.

Course requirements assume significant competency in areas such as Hebrew, Liturgy, Music Skills 1 & 2, Cantillation 1 (Torah and Haftarah) and facility with an instrument. Proficiency will be evaluated on an individual basis. If necessary, students may be required to take additional courses.

Please note: Courses are 2 credits each unless otherwise indicated.

Hebrew (8 credits)
Hebrew III (2 trimesters, 4 credits each)

Philosophy (2 credits)

Professional Skills (3 credits)
Life Cycles (1 credit)

Spirituality  (4 credits)
Architecture of Ritual
Sacred Arts

Cantillation (4 credits)
Cantillation II: Yamim Noraim and Eikhah
Cantillation III: Shalosh Regalim and Esther

Nusah (25 credits)
Introduction to Modes (1 credit)
Shabbat I (4 credits)
Shabbat II (4 credits)
Yamim Noraim I (4 credits)
Yamim Noraim II (4 credits)
Shalosh Regalim (4 credits)
Hol and Minor Festivals (4 credits)

Professional Cantorial Curriculum (10 credits)
Conducting (1 credit)
Music of the Life Cycle (1 credit)
Musical Skills III
Music History
Sephardi / Mizrahi Maqamat and Music

Peace Studies (4 credits)
Introduction to Peace Studies
Community Building Through Peace Studies OR Music and Conflict Resolution

TOTAL: 60 credits*

*If necessary, students may be required to take additional courses.

Scholarship Opportunity

A special scholarship for students enrolled in the Rabbis to Cantors track discounts the part-time tuition to $980 per credit. Students considering full-time study should contact the office for more information.