Jewish Chaplain

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Chaplain conducts religious services and provides spiritual guidance for the patients or inmates of his/her faith admitted to a State institution:  establishes periods for worship, conducts religious services and administers rites and sacraments; counsels individuals on personal and spiritual problems; does pastoral calling on those of his/her own faith in order to develop good relationships with patients or inmates with particular attention to those newly admitted to the institution, patients passing through an emotional crisis, the critically ill, the dying and those about to be released; conducts a religious education program through planning and organizing instructional classes, group discussions, forums, broadcasts, and group music programs; works closely with medical officers, psychologists, social workers, nurses, parole and placement officers in order to further the rehabilitation of patients or inmates; speaks before community groups on the program of the institution to which he/she is assigned; consults with the institution head and other Read More >