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B’nai Israel in Pensacola, FL is seeking an inspirational and engaging Rabbi to be our new spiritual leader. We are a conservative congregation with roots dating back to 1899. An egalitarian congregation, we are looking for someone to provide leadership for those who seek to worship, study, and to grow their religious, cultural, and social ties to Judaism. Our spiritual leader will be warm and welcoming when interacting with a broad range of congregants, as well as engaging and inspiring in relating Judaism to our lives today, whether leading on the bimah or teaching in a variety of settings. As a small congregation, we will also consider a part-time Rabbi who can provide what we need to support us. The position is currently open and can be filled immediately with the right spiritual leader. Salary: $60,000-$80,000 with benefits. Interested candidates should send their resume to the following email: [email protected]. Read More >