Lower School Hebrew Department Head

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Seeks a Lower School Hebrew Department Head for 24/25 school year for grades K-5th. Responsibilities: Instructional Leadership: Serve as the instructional leader for Hebrew, ensuring that our academic program is effective, innovative, and meeting the needs of and challenging our students, Review, evaluate, and recommend instructional materials and textbooks to the Principal, Review, evaluate, Hebrew Teachers, Determine best ways to assess student progress in this department and execute that plan, Envision the future needs of our students, the department, and the school by staying alongside of current educational research and trends, methodology, and technology, Communicate about our Hebrew program for school newsletters, school website, Orientation nights, and other areas, Communicate with parents about the Hebrew Program and student progress, Maintain student and family confidentially both on and off the Posnack School campus & Performs other duties as may be deemed necessary for the efficient operation of the department. It is Read More >