Director of Jewish Experiences 

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The J is committed to creating a diverse environment. The J is Shabbat-Observant Friendly. The mission of The J is to build a strong, vibrant and inclusive community that enhances wellness, meaning and joy based on Jewish values, heritage and culture. The J operates on these values: Welcoming + Inclusive – We are welcoming, inclusive and nurturing. We invite all to join us in making connections and lifelong friendships, Building Community – We believe in the strength of community and we seek to cultivate a sense of belonging in all we do, Enriching Mind + Body + Soul – We help individuals live a physically, intellectually, and emotionally healthy lifestyle, Passing on Jewish Culture + History – We celebrate and pass on the values, culture, history, and traditions of the Jewish people & Treat Others As You Wish To Be Treated – We treat everyone with respect, dignity and loving Read More >