Rabbi or Cantor as Co-Spiritual Leader

By |2024-01-25T21:10:22-05:00January 25, 2024|

Looking for a co rabbi or cantor to partner with me (Rabbi Katy Z. Allen) in leading the Jewish spiritual life of Burlington! OZ is a really unique place that brings together people with knowledge and passion for Jewish tradition/history along with a commitment to creativity and embodied spiritual practice. We have already begun partnering with congregants to form nigun circles and musical ensembles for special events. You will be pleased to know that our people love to sing! Since I am also new to the community, we will have an opportunity to develop a new vision for OZ together. We are looking for an inspirational, creative seeker and leader, who in partnership with our charismatic Rabbi, can foster a vibrant community grounded in our strategic vision for “Imagine 2025” of “Belonging Through Welcoming, Meaningful and Joyous Jewish Experiences.” We seek a leader who is comfortable opening doors, through diverse Read More >