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Division Rabbi, Division 6-8

Posted on February 19, 2024

Milken Community School - Los Angeles, CA

Inclusive/Diverse, Not Applicable

Our School, founded on Jewish values, is about who our children can become and how they can help others become who they might be. Because the world our children will create tomorrow is born in the School we build today, our mission is to educate our children so they can surpass us. Milken strives to be a nurturing, diverse and inclusive community. It is a vibrant academic home, drawing faculty and staff from the spectrum of faith, social and cultural backgrounds. The Division Rabbi integrates Milken’s mission and core values into the fabric of the division and the school as a whole. Serving as an active member of the Division Leadership team and a partner of the Division Director, the Division Rabbi is a key, visible leader on campus. The Division Rabbi works to cultivate of Jewish identity, create sacred community, and teach Torah formally and experientially. The Division Rabbi is part of the Rabbinic Head’s 6-12 Rabbinic Team. The Division Rabbi reports to the Division Director. Responsibilities: Teach two classes, including the advanced Beit Midrash class, As a member of the Judaic Studies Department, collaborate with department members to create curriculum and enhance instructional methodologies, Work with Jewish Studies Instructional leader to develop JCIV curriculum, Train/teach faculty and parents in areas of Jewish rituals, life-cycle events, holidays, and traditions, Train/teach faculty and parents in areas of Israel Education, Monitor observance of Kashrut on and off campus, Coordinate and lead a grade level Tiyul, Integrate the Jewish experience into both of the Division Tiyulim, Create and teach parent education classes that build community and enhance parent knowledge in all areas of Judaism, Facilitate parent and child programs around Jewish learning, Vision and implement Jewish calendar and life-cycle events, bringing passion to Jewish life on campus and monitoring observance of Moadim L’simcha, Coordinate holiday programming with the Division Faculty, Create and manage Division spiritual practice programming, Create and run T’filah/Town meetings, Develop programs, involving student leadership, in both small and large groups, around Jewish values and themes, Develop and implement T’shuvah plans with students, Serve as a member of the 6-12 Rabbinic Team, Infuse Positive Psychology and Advisory Program and pedagogy with Jewish values and framework, Provide rabbinical support to community members during times of need, Partner with the school counselor to provide emotional and spiritual guidance, Serve as part of the Division Leadership Team and offer a Jewish perspective/ lens regarding strategy, and policy decisions, Participate in the admissions process, Oversee Jewish content and programmatic aspects for Shabbatons/retreats, Interview and review qualified candidates for Hebrew/Jewish Studies/JCIV teaching, Serve on the LA board of rabbis, Contribute articles to the Jewish journal and other relevant jewish publications & Create relationships with feeder schools and other stakeholders in the Jewish community.

  • 6/8 Division Only: Supervise the cantorial assistant and the Nafshi, Limud and Oneg facilitators, Create and lead the Moot Beit-Din program and serve as Southern California Moot Beit-Din Coordinator, Oversee the School’s Service Learning Program – Kulam & Oversee the integration of Jewish values across all X-Project classes
  • 9/10 Division Only: Serves as the leader and public presence for the Tiferet Fellowship. 
  • 11/12 Division Only: Serves as the leader of the Senior Sermon program. 

Qualifications: Rabbinical Degree, Is highly knowledgeable in the developmental needs of students, Is a role model and educator regarding issues of pluralism, respect and human dignity, Is a voice of mission and Jewish values in regards to relationships with students, parents and faculty, Is highly knowledgeable in best practices of teen programming, Is effective in supporting and maintaining an effective learning and spiritual climate, Is effective in communicating with parents, administration and faculty, Works collaboratively and inclusively, Demonstrates an ongoing commitment to professional development in all areas related to learning, Jewish programming and leadership, A strong sense of commitment to Milken Community School’s Mission, Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, Demonstrated leadership in a school setting, Innovative and creative.

Possess a love and empathy for adolescents and teens, Patient and disciplined, and inspires collaboration among colleagues, Organized, flexible, able to contend with complexity and nuances & Proficient with educational technology platforms. Standard On-Campus Hours: Start: M – F by 7:45 AM & End: M – Th 3:30 PM, F 2:30 PM. Full-time. All schedules are subject to change. Salary: $110,000 – $125,000. Apply on: https://www.milkenschool.org/list-detail?pk=226192&fromId=259751. http://www.milkenschool.org