At the Academy for Jewish Religion, we have a very distinct approach to pluralism.

AJR’s approach to pluralism is an appreciation of diversity; but it is much more than that. Our approach to pluralism expects members of our community to cherish one another.

“The Academy for Jewish Religion plays a critically important role in the American religious landscape because not only do they train leaders for the Jewish community, they train leaders who embody and live up to precisely the kind of pluralism which we need now more than perhaps any time in any of our lives.”
– Rabbi Brad Hirschfield, President, Clal

Cherishing means finding value in ideas other than your own and truly believing that you can learn from them.

Cherishing means not only that you respect others, but that you know that your perspective, your life, and your approach to Jewish life are richer and deeper because of your interaction with other views and approaches.

In a community that cherishes the other, individuals know that each of us benefits from being a part of a pluralistic community: not only by learning from others, but by becoming who we want and need to be.

AJR Institute of Applied Pluralism

Interweaving Divergent Voices

In 2022 AJR launched the first of five Centers connected to our new Institute of Applied Pluralism. These Centers expand the amazing work AJR has done for its students to the wider public. Stay tuned for more information!

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Center for Judaism and Science

Bringing together ways of understanding

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Center for Interfaith Clergy Relations

Bringing together Jewish & Christian Leaders

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Center for Sacred Arts

Bringing together the heart and the mind

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Center for Pluralism

Pluralism resources for the Jewish community

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Center for Peace Studies / Conflict Resolution

Bringing together people in conflict