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Parashat D’varim

July 26, 2012 | Filed in: Divrei Torah, Dvarim

By Rabbi Kaya Stern-Kaufman This week’s Torah portion  “ D’varim  “ opens the book of Deuteronomy, throughout which Moses delivers an exhaustive farewell speech to the people of Israel, recounting their history, reviewing many of the laws given at Sinai and adding … Continue reading »


Parashat D’varim

August 3, 2011 | Filed in: Divrei Torah, Dvarim, News

Vision, Lamentation, and the Question of “How?” By Rabbi Regina L. Sandler-Phillips The Shabbat on which the first portion of Deuteronomy is chanted from the Torah each year is called Shabbat Hazon ”the  œSabbath of Vision.  Its name comes most directly … Continue reading »