Interim Rabbi

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The congregation is over 110 years old and we have been affiliated with the USCJ, although the majority of our members are reform in their daily lives. We are proud of our congregation’s diversity, which we define in the broadest sense of the term: our membership varies in age, national origin, color, creed, politics, and sexual orientation. These values are incorporated into our core statements:

Mission: Beth Israel seeks to engage the community through education, culture, and lifestyle with a goal of embracing methods of living Jewishly.

Vision: We are a Conservative synagogue seeking to engage Jewish families, including interfaith and those seeking to convert, to live a life full of tefillah, tshuva, and tzedaka.

Values: The primary values for Beth Israel Synagogue are commitment, scholarship, education, traditions, culture, and halacha.

Key priorities: Community/membership growth, Digital outreach/engagement, education, Read More >