One legacy, many voices.

Visiting AJR

The Academy for Jewish Religion is located at 28 Wells Avenue on the second floor of Building #3 in the iPark complex in downtown Yonkers. 

AJR office hours of operation are Monday through Thursday 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM. All courses are scheduled on Monday through Wednesday.

AJR is easily accessible by car and by several forms of public transportation. For more information, use the links below.


Metro North


  • Uptown 1 Train to the last stop at 242nd Street.
  • Catch the Bee-Line (Westchester) #1 Bus and take it to the corner of Warburton Avenue and Dock Street or the Bee-Line #2 Bus to Getty Square. There is a free transfer from the NYC subway to the bus with your Metrocard.

Bus (from Manhattan):

  • The BxM3 Express bus runs to Yonkers from midtown and lower Manhattan. For information and schedules, click here.

For Ordination (directions to Yonkers Public Library):

There are two parking garages in the vicinity of Yonkers Public Library, the Warburton Garage and the Buena Vista Parking Garage. Please note, the Warburton Garage fills up quickly during the day and there may not be space available.
  • Directions to Buena Vista Parking Garage, 20 Buena Vista Ave: click here
  • Walking directions to Yonkers Public Library from Buena Vista Garage:
    • Exit the parking garage and make your way to Buena Vista Ave
    • Walk two blocks to Dock Street (Buena Vista Ave turns into River St). The Library is located on the NE corner of of Dock Street & Buena Vista Ave/River St
  • Walking directions to the Yonkers Public Library from Warburton Garage, 45 Warburton Ave:
    • Follow Directions to Warburton Garage
    • After parking, take the elevator or the stairs next to the elevator to the first floor.
    • Turn left towards the red brick building (do not go through the gate as if you are going to AJR)
    • Turn left again and walk one block to Dock Street
    • Turn right onto Dock Street and walk a few blocks to Buena Vista Ave/River Street
    • The Library will be on the right (NE Corner of Dock Street & Buena Vista Ave/River St).