Senior Rabbi

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KBI is a mid-sized congregation with traditional ritual practices and a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion. We welcome and involve all Jewish people, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, race, or ability. We welcome non-Jews who want to learn about congregational life or who support family members who are Jewish, or who are exploring the idea of becoming Jews. Lifecycle services are available for individuals and all types of families. People of all abilities regularly participate in our programs and services.  Our new Rabbi will lead a congregation that is strong, modern, Zionist, egalitarian and rooted in halachic traditions. They will help shape a Conservative congregation for the future. Our Rabbi is our Mara D’atra, teacher and spiritual leader. The Rabbi leads the professional staff, including our respected Cantor and our newly hired Director of Youth and Education Programming. The Rabbi also works in close collaboration with the Executive Director Read More >