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Dean of Admissions

Cantor Lisa Klinger-Kantor


AJR offers three basic programs to consider. The Rabbinic Program and the Cantorial Program both lead to Ordination. The M.A. Program is an academic course of study that leads to the degree of Master of Arts in Jewish Studies. Within this structure, AJR also offers a Kol-Bo Program, where students draw from both the Rabbinic and Cantorial Programs as a means of achieving dual ordination. And lastly, AJR offers a Cantors to Rabbis track, an expedited path for invested cantors to pursue rabbinic ordination.

For students interested in applying to any of our programs, Cantor Lisa Klinger-Kantor, the Dean of Admissions, serves as the applicant’s guide and mentor. You may begin an initial inquiry here, by using the link on our home page, or by emailing Cantor Klinger-Kantor directly. After contacting the Dean of Admissions, the applicant may be asked to complete a preliminary questionnaire. Most inquiries then lead to an invitation to spend a day or part of a day visiting classes and meeting with students, faculty, and staff. The Academy community is unique and best evaluated in person.

A person considering applying to an ordination program should be seriously and actively involved in Jewish study and Jewish living. Rabbinic and cantorial study should not be thought of as a continuation of adult study. Rather, it is a high-level, profound education leading to a career as a spiritual leader in the Jewish community.

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